Episode 35 – The Devil Made Me Do It Case

Can you remember back to a time when you were afraid to go to sleep at night as a child because of a game you played with friends, like Bloody Mary or maybe with a Ouija board? Or how about sleeping with the light on because of a spooky story or an urban legend you heard at bedtime or while sitting around a campfire? As children our imaginations made it possible for these stories to seem believable, despite being told by our parents a million times there is no such thing as monsters or ghosts.

Music Credits:

Kevin McLeod – Casa Bossa Nova

Kai Engel – Delirium

Kai Engel – Written in Ink

Kevin McLeod – Drums of the Deep

Kai Engel – Behind Your Window

The Minds Of Madness Theme Music – Duncan Foster


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The Funkoars – Feel The Madness

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Research – Kait Morris

Writing – Megan Halbach


Special Guests included this week:

Jim Perry: Host of Euphomet

Diane Student: Host of History Goes Bump

Daniel Brewer: Host of Films Fatal To The Flesh

Ali McLennan: Host of Mysteriously Listed, Beyond Your Nightmares

Mike Morford: Host of Criminology, A Murder In My Family, CrimeSphere

Cambo Ford: Host of True Crime Island

Jami Rice: Host of Murderish, Crimesphere

Justin Evans: Host of The Peripheral & The Generation Why


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