Episode 29 – Melvyn John Otterstrom & Michael Burdell

In April 1985, a man named Ronnie Lee Gardner who was facing numerous felony charges and the possibility of a death sentence was meeting his lawyers downtown Salt Lake City at the Metropolitan Hall of Justice. Having escaped prison before, another opportunity for breakout presented itself. As Ronnie was led into the courthouse that morning, shackled at the waist, a female friend approached him and handed him a loaded revolver.

Music Credits:

Steve O’Connell – Doom and Gloom

Midnight North – Take me to the Depths

Josh Lippi & the Overtimers – Fresno Alley

After the Fall

Josh Lippi & the Overtimers – St. Francis

Kai Engel – Evermore

Kai Engel – Oecumene Sleeps

Wes Hutchinson – One Down Dog

Kai Engel – Something 

The Whole Other – Beyond the Lows

Steve O’Connell – Empty Inside


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The Funkoars – Feel The Madness

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