Episode 23 – The McCools & The Conrads

In the fall of 2005, Levi King went on a rampage that left 5 people dead in 2 different states. A ten-year-old girl was the soul survivor of his second attack that left her entire family dead as they slept in their beds. How the little girl survived and the actions she took to remain safe are no short of a miracle.

Music Credits:

Josh Woodward – The Voices Instrumental Version

Sergey Cheremisinov – Fog

Lee Rosevere – A Role In Life

Kevin McLeod – Virtutes Instrumenti

Kai Engel – When the World Falls Down

Kai Engel – January

Kai Engel – Daedalus

Kai Engel – Paranoia

Sergey Cheremisinov – The_Signals

Philipp Weigl – Full of Stars


The Minds Of Madness Theme Music – Duncan Foster

All music is used under an Attribution License –

The Funkoars – Feel The Madness

Used with Permission –


Research – Kait Morris

Writing – Mari Coleman

Editing – Laura Urquart


Special thanks to:

David Prucha M.A., L.P.C


Twitter: @David_Prucha


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