Episode 22 – Bruce McArthur

We recently attended CrimeCon in Nashville, Tennessee. We wanted to take advantage of having some of our favorite podcast hosts all in one place and brought along our portable recorder. We wanted to capture an informal conversation about the on-going investigation of Canadian Serial Killer, Bruce McArthur. Join us as we speak with Mike Browne and Robin Warder. This is different from anything we’ve done before, but we wanted to give you an opportunity to be a fly on the wall and hear what a conversation is like when a group of True Crime podcasters get together.

Kai Engle – Mist and Clouds

Kai Engle – At the End Everyone Dies

Kai Engel – Global Warming

Kai Engel – Will I Ever See Another Sunrise

Kai Engel – Shining Dawn


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Mike Browne – Dark Poutine


Robin Warder – The Trail Went Cold


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