Episode 20 – Jennifer Long

On January 22, 1998, in Kansas City Missouri, a young teenage girl by the name of Jennifer Long suddenly vanished. After 9 painstaking months of her family desperately scouring the area in search of her, the grisly truth about what happened to her finally surfaced.

Music Credits:

George Cattapan – Piano Slow

Kai Engel – I Am Climbing on Air

Kai Engel – Meekness

Kai Engel – aspirato

Kai Engel – January

Kai Engel – Universe in Hands

Sergey Cheremisinov – The Signals

Kai Engel – Mercy

Kai Engel – Seeker

George Cattapan – Drone Beat

Kai Engel – Pacific Garbage Patch

Kai Engel – Warm of Mechanical Heart

Kai Engel – When the World Falls Down

Kai Engel – Behind Your Window

Kai Engel – After Midnight


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Music provided by George Cattapan –

The Funkoars – Feel The Madness

Used with Permission –


Research – Kait Morris

Writing Assistance – Laura Urquart


Special Thanks

Michele Daniel for sharing Jennifer Long’s story

Glenda Lamont for sharing Jennifer Long’s story


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