Episode 195 – Nova Scotia Nightmare – Inside Canada’s Deadliest Mass Shooting

On the cold spring morning of April 19, 2020, a woman staggered from the woods outside Portapique Nova Scotia. Her bare feet were blackened from running through the woods, and she was covered in scrapes and bruises.

She hammered on the door of a neighbour, who let her inside and called 911.

She told police something had finally snapped in her abusive common-law partner Gabriel Wortman. But by the time she made that phone call, he’d already murdered 13 people and his rampage was far from over.

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Research & Writing:
Matt Snell

Aiden Wolf

Alert Ready Emergency Alert System
CBC: Here are the victims of Nova Scotia’s mass shooting
CBC: How an RCMP officer escaped and survived after being shot by the N.S. gunman
CBC: How the N.S. gunman convinced people not to report mock cruiser before mass shooting
CBC: How the N.S. gunman convinced people not to report mock cruiser before mass shooting
CBC: How the N.S. gunman got his weapons and who may have helped him in Maine
CBC: How the N.S. mass shooter controlled, exploited women around him
CBC: N.S. gunman fired at spouse before locking her in replica cruiser, documents say
CBC: N.S. mass shooter had a history of intimidation, violent altercations
CBC: N.S. mass shooter preyed on vulnerable denture clients, traded services for sex
CBC: N.S. mass shooter was treated ‘like an animal’ by his father, family says
CBC: Neighbour reported N.S. mass shooter’s domestic violence, weapons to police
CBC: Neighbours tried to warn police about Portapique gunman’s abuse, weapons
CBC: RCMP officer visited N.S. gunman at least 16 times, but says he saw no weapons
CBC: RCMP took 19 hours to find parents, daughter killed in Nova Scotia mass shooting in April
CBC: RCMP wanted 2011 tip about N.S. gunman to ‘go away’: Truro police chief
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