Episode 189 – Escape from Reality – The Case of Barbara Rogers & Stephen Mineo

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “cult?”. That one word alone paints a picture of constant surveillance, suffocating conformity, and a community that hates to let anyone go.

For some people caught up in cult-like circumstances, finding a way out can be a dangerous undertaking. But what if a cult was the source of where you found all your meaning, all your connections in life and it had been that way for years?

In this scenario, finding yourself on the outside looking in, could be the real nightmare.

That’s what happened to Stephen Mineo and Barbara Rogers when they crossed paths with Internet cult leader Sherry Shriner, a woman who weaponized a strange mythology of reptilians, clones, vampires, and demons against her own followers.

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Research & Writing:
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Aiden Wolf

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