Episode 18 – A Christmas Miracle

In the spirit of giving we wanted to do something really special for you all for the holidays. We decided to contact some of the incredible hosts of some of the podcasts that inspired me as a listener to start my own podcast, as well as a few that have been a tremendous support to us.


We wanted to take this opportunity to pay tribute to them, and in doing so, also create an experience of a lifetime for you. An entire episode, where you’ll hear from some of the most fantastic True Crime Podcasts out there, talking about their most memorable and chilling cases.


Links to the cases discussed in this episode:


Undisclosed Podcast – The Case of Adnan Syed


Generation Why Podcast – Richard Remirez


True Crime Garage – West Memphis 3


True Crime Garage – Tony Muncy


Casefile – The East Area Raptist


True Crime All The Time – Melissa Huckaby


The Vanished – Joanna and Shariece Clark


They Walk Among Us – Bijan Ebrahimi Season 2 – Episode 7


Court Junkie – Pravin Varughese


True Crime Fan Club – Candy Montgomery


Canadian True Crime – Tim Bosma


Moms & Murder – Diane Schuler

Music Credits:


Lee Rosevere – Make A Christmas For Christmas

Kevin McLeod – Christmas Rap

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Chris Zabriskie – Undercover Vampire Policeman

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Dexter Britain – Running Through Tunnel

Dreamnote Music – Sad Cinematic Cello

Kai Engel – Daedalus

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Reamotion_GmbH -Pensive Moments

Sergey Cheremisinov – The_Signals

Sergey Cheremisinov- Breath of Death – Part 2

Scott Holmes – The Edge Of Nowhere

Sobria Ebrietas – Ashes of Light – Part 5

Kevin McLeod – Wish Background

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