Episode 14 – The Cumbria Massacre – Part 1

PART #1 – On June 2nd 2010 one of the worst ever gun massacres in UK history occurred. In the space of an eight hour period, a 52 year old taxi driver named Derrick Bird went on a 25 mile rampage of mass murder throughout the county, indiscriminately shooting passers-by, innocent people going about their everyday business, his own colleagues and acquaintances, and even his own twin brother.

Music Credits:

Kevin MacLeod – J. S. Bach: Prelude in C – BWV 846 – YouTube Audio Library
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder 7
Kai Engel – Nothing Bonus Track
Damiano Baldoni – A Ghra
Chris Zabriskie – Undercover Vampire Policeman
Kai Engel – Chance
PC One – Children Of The Sun
PC One – Fortress
PC One – A Dark Blue Arc
Fatal Injection – Love
Kai Engel – Run
Ars Sonor – The Shed
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The Funkoars – Feel The Madness
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