Soothing voice, no laughter or banter about the victims or perpetrators. Empathetic. These crime are super disturbing, not the run of the mill. Highly recommended – and thank you from Norway for making this epic podcast.


I am waiting with baited breath for your next story!! First podcast I’ve listened to and it’s still my favourite! Thank you:)


This has quickly become my favourite Podcast. It is very professionally done and doesn’t stray into sensationalism. Minds of Madness ensures that the victim is treated with respect and I love the way that the episode usually ends with a close friend or family member...

Destine Hartley Garcia

I just recently started binge listening and I’m hooked! I really like how the stories of the crimes are told and also how the personal past of what might have led to the behaviour of these criminals. Great work!

Ravae Edwards

I am beyond impressed with your work! You definitely created a new fan! Thank you for what you do. You’re amazing!