The Minds of Madness speaks to NBC 24 News about Sierah Joughin

TOLEDO — Sierah Joughin was killed in 2016, but her family isn't letting that impact her story.

They want to remember her for all of the good she brought into the world, rather than for the way she left it.

They started Justice for Sierah, teaching self defence and self awareness techniques.

They're also advocating to pass Sierah's Law, a violent offender database for law enforcement.

Recently, Sierah's aunt Tara Ice spoke with Bek and Tyler Allen, hosts of The Minds of Madness

They shared more details about her case, how they're working to honor her memory and educate young women about safety.

Click the source link to hear them speak to news anchor Kaily Cunningham from NBC News 24.