The Minds of Madness

What causes ordinary people to do unthinkable things? The Minds of Madness is an award-winning true crime podcast produced out of Toronto, ON Canada. Each episode looks into some of the most shocking crimes, while unraveling the extensive damage caused in the aftermath. You’ll hear first hand accounts from surviving victims of homicide, as well as from professionals in the fields of forensics and psychology. And what may surprise you the most about these cases, is how in the midst of horror and tragedy, human resilience and hope prevail.

Meet The host

Hi, I’m Tyler the host of The Minds of Madness. Thank you for checking out our website and hopefully taking a listen to the show! Just like you, I started out as an avid listener and got hooked onto true crime after binging the podcast ‘Serial’. As I binged through many of the podcasts available, I found myself running out of content to listen to. Having a background in editing sound for TV and Film, I decided to give podcasting a shot. 4 years later, the show has come a long way thanks to encouraging words from our listeners, the generosity of our supporters and our partnership with Wondery. I could never have imagined that the little show I started up in our basement, would be heard by people from around the world.


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