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  August 29, 2021

Episode 110 – J.P. & The Hawks

Imagine sitting on the back deck of a yacht, soaking up Pacific sunshine off the coast of Mexico with a cold Margarita in one hand, and the love of your life in the other. No more work – just the pure bliss of retirement and endless summer. Swimming with dolphins at sunset in the Sea of Cortez.

A beach in every bay, and a party in every port.

This was the life of Tom and Jackie Hawks in 2004. It was the kind of life everyone dreams of…The kind of life a person would just kill to have.

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Episode 109 - Runaway Devil

In April 2006, Marc and Debra R. were planning a summer vacation. The year before had been tiresome dealing with their preteen daughter J.R.’s rebellious behavior. But their daughter wasn’t as keen about the trip as they were. In fact, she had something more sinister planned.


Episode 106 - Sydney Loofe

In November 2017, 24-year-old Nebraskan Sydney Loofe was ecstatic after a successful first date with a woman she’d met on Tinder. Her dream match, however, wasn’t who she was claiming to be and her intentions for their second date were anything but romantic.


Episode 108 - Rick & Gail Brink

On November 21st, 1987 in Holland Michigan, newlyweds Rick and Gail Brink had just returned to their peaceful country home on Ransom street. Rick and Gail looked forward to eventually creating a lifetime of memories there. Tragically it was a future they’d never share.


Episode 105 - Grace Millane

Backpacking around the world – very few ideas bring to mind such a sense of adventure, independence, and romantic idealism. For one young woman, in November 2018, traveling the world before jumping into a career was a dream come true. But she never could’ve imagined the danger in store for her in what is widely considered one of the safest countries in the entire world.


Episode 107 - Mollie Tibbetts

For some, it may be hard to believe there are still places that exist in the world where people don’t give a second thought to leaving their doors unlocked. 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts lived in such a place – the tight-knit farm community of Brooklyn, Iowa.




In the very early morning hours of March 19th, 2011, 22 year old Sian O’Callaghan decided to walk back to her apartment after a night out at a club in Swindon, England; totally unaware a predator was lurking in the shadows.



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“This has quickly become my favourite Podcast. It is very professionally done and doesn’t stray into sensationalism. Minds of Madness ensures that the victim is treated with respect and I love the way that the episode usually ends with a close friend or family member speaking lovingly about the victim. It is rare to find a show like this that doesn’t glorify the killer and focuses on the victim and the facts – all the facts and theories even if sometimes the theories are extreme. Keep up the excellent work”


Excellent Podcast

“I am waiting baited breath for your next story!! First podcast I’ve listened to and it’s still my favourite! Thank you:)”


Minds of madness

“Soothing voice, no laughter or banter about the victims or perpetrators. Empathetic. These crimes are super disturbing, not the run of the mill. Highly recommended – and thank you from Norway for making this epic podcast.”


One, if not the best true crime podcasts!

“I like your show a lot. Thank u. I hear u from Iran, and have no problem understanding u. An excellent choice for non-native English speakers. #MindofMadness #TrueCrime”

Nazila Mashhadi

Episode 100 - Pit Of Darkness

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