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Episode 24 – Tanner Barton – Part 3

PART #3 – Previously in Part 2 of the Tanner Barton case, we went over the coroner’s autopsy and toxicology reports, neither of which seemed to provide any answers into Tanner’s sudden collapse and death.... Read More
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Episode 23 – Tanner Barton – Part 2

PART #2 – Previously in Part 1 of the Tanner Barton Case. You heard that on April 22, 2012, in Kokomo Indiana, a perfectly healthy 19-year-old college football student attending Marion University, suddenly collapsed and... Read More
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Episode 22 – Tanner Barton – Part 1

PART #1 – On the morning of Sunday April 22, 2012 in Kokomo Indiana, Michele Barton and her husband Jeff received a phone call that would change their lives forever. One of their children’s best... Read More
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Episode 21 – A Christmas Miracle

In the spirit of giving we wanted to do something really special for you all for the holidays. We decided to contact some of the incredible hosts of some of the podcasts that inspired me... Read More
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Introducing Young Charlie

While we’re busy working on our next episode I wanted to introduce you to a podcast that I’ve been listening to and have been finding quite fascinating. Its called “Young Charlie”. With the recent passing... Read More
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Episode 20 – Ken Rex McElroy

This is the story about a small town in rural Missouri, that’s been hiding a very big secret…for close to 40 years. A small town that bound themselves tightly together in solidarity in order to... Read More

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