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After Nicole Addimando fatally shot her partner in what she claimed was self-defense, she was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. At her trial the details surrounding her history of abuse were excluded, essentially removing the context for what happened the night of the shooting from the jury.

As much as this case examines the darker side of the judicial system it also highlights human strength and the immense power of friendship, love, and compassion – the unstoppable force behind a group of women who have fought fiercely to bring not only Nikki’s truth to light but the injustice all criminalized survivors of intimate partner violence face.

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Episode 120 - Part 1/2 - Alive But still not free

Nicole Addimando and Christopher Grover appeared to be an ideal couple raising two young children. So how did Chris wind up dead, and Nikki behind bars?

The truth was more devastating than anyone wanted to believe.



Episode 117 - The Unsuspecting Tourists

In 1995, three unsuspecting tourists suddenly disappeared without a trace… until, that is, their body parts started showing up in Singapore and Thailand. The perpetrator – a fugitive who’d mastered butchery skills in prison.


Episode 119 - Two Worlds Apart

Imagine TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé meets Breaking Bad in an all-new twisted case of online romance.

A unique marriage ends with a woman missing and police expirmenting on pig carcasses to determine what happened to her.


Episode 116 - Sarah everard

In March 2021, London along with the rest of England was under a full national lockdown.

But there was one man who used the restrictions to turn London into his own personal hunting ground.



EPISODE 118 – Last Christmas

December 24th, 2007 – three generations of the Anderson family in Carnation, Washington would spend Christmas together. They had no idea a murderous pair had made plans for it to be their last. 


Episode 115 - Til Death Do Us Part

Ben and Narcy Novak’s marriage was held together by mutually-assured destruction. He had all the money. She had all the dirt.

This is the story of a wife who would stop at nothing to make sure that if she couldn’t have him, no one could.


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“This has quickly become my favourite Podcast. It is very professionally done and doesn’t stray into sensationalism. Minds of Madness ensures that the victim is treated with respect and I love the way that the episode usually ends with a close friend or family member speaking lovingly about the victim. It is rare to find a show like this that doesn’t glorify the killer and focuses on the victim and the facts – all the facts and theories even if sometimes the theories are extreme. Keep up the excellent work”


Excellent Podcast

“I am waiting baited breath for your next story!! First podcast I’ve listened to and it’s still my favourite! Thank you:)”


Minds of madness

“Soothing voice, no laughter or banter about the victims or perpetrators. Empathetic. These crimes are super disturbing, not the run of the mill. Highly recommended – and thank you from Norway for making this epic podcast.”


One, if not the best true crime podcasts!

“I like your show a lot. Thank u. I hear u from Iran, and have no problem understanding u. An excellent choice for non-native English speakers. #MindofMadness #TrueCrime”

Nazila Mashhadi

Episode 100 - Pit Of Darkness

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