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Russell David Tillis was described by residents of Bowden Circle East in Jacksonville Florida, as “the neighbor from hell.” Since taking over his parent’s already dilapidated home, Russell set to work transforming the property into a ramshackle fortress, guarded with a makeshift privacy fence lined with razor blades and hidden booby-traps throughout his yard.

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Episode 100 - Pit of Darkness

When 25 year old Josefina Rivera stepped into a white Cadillac on the evening of November 26th, 1986, it set in motion the first of a series of sinister events that would shock Philadelphia to its core.


Episode 99 - Vicki Robinson

Usually when we think about the possibility of an intruder entering our home with the intention of bringing us harm, we think of a stranger. Someone we don’t know. But what happens when the intruder is someone from within? In the picturesque neighborhood of Carrollwood, Florida, Vicki Robinson finds herself caught in what became every parent’s worst nightmare.


EPISODE 98 - Monika Beerle

In 1989, 26-year-old Monika Beerle headed to New York City in hopes of fulfilling her dream of becoming a dance instructor.



Episode 97 - Taylor Wright

As a newly divorced mom struggled to rebuild her life in Pensacola, Florida, she put her trust in someone she considered a good friend. She could never have imagined her vulnerability would be taken advantage of in the worst possible way.


Episode 96 - Telford Lane

Troy Victorino believed that Erin Belanger disrespected him by removing his belongings from her grandparents’ home. As a gang member, he decided that by ‘dissing’ him, she needed to die.


Episode 95 - No More Silence

Megan Hiatt had planned to leave with her daughters before her abusive partner got home. But before she could make her escape, he confronted her with an assault rifle.



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“This has quickly become my favourite Podcast. It is very professionally done and doesn’t stray into sensationalism. Minds of Madness ensures that the victim is treated with respect and I love the way that the episode usually ends with a close friend or family member speaking lovingly about the victim. It is rare to find a show like this that doesn’t glorify the killer and focuses on the victim and the facts – all the facts and theories even if sometimes the theories are extreme. Keep up the excellent work”


Excellent Podcast

“I am waiting baited breath for your next story!! First podcast I’ve listened to and it’s still my favourite! Thank you:)”


Minds of madness

“Soothing voice, no laughter or banter about the victims or perpetrators. Empathetic. These crimes are super disturbing, not the run of the mill. Highly recommended – and thank you from Norway for making this epic podcast.”


One, if not the best true crime podcasts!

“I like your show a lot. Thank u. I hear u from Iran, and have no problem understanding u. An excellent choice for non-native English speakers. #MindofMadness #TrueCrime”

Nazila Mashhadi

Episode 100 - Pit Of Darkness

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